Deadline: August 15, 2012

Design Observer is hosting this year’s “50 Books/50 Covers Competition,” to identify the best work published in 2011. In addition to 25 internationally recognized designers who will serve as nominators, any AIGA member is welcome to nominate books worthy of consideration in either the cover category or the book category. Books are broadly defined to include trade, special editions, letterpress and digital productions, and they may come from any country as long as they are in English (or bilingual with English text). Final selections will be made by Design Observer editors, and will be published in the AIGA Design Archives, as well as on Design Observer and Designers & Books.

Submit your favorite designs by August 15!

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Part of “Industry Insights: Career Development Webinars,” a members-only series created by AIGA and Aquent 

Wednesday, August 15
12:00 p.m. Eastern/9:00 a.m. Pacific

Learn how a global leader in healthcare is innovating ahead of a rapidly changing industry. Merck has grown to one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, providing pharmaceuticals, research and vaccines to a worldwide audience. Bob Calvano, director of Merck’s Global Creative Studios, will give a guided tour of the trends developing at his in-house, full-service agency, where he leads a studio of 80 plus designers, illustrators, developers and filmmakers. From iPad app development, to environmental design, to the use of photojournalism and live illustrated meetings, Calvano will highlight Merck’s commitment to producing innovative design solutions for the healthcare industry.

Register for this webinar

Not sure you can make it? Go ahead and register anyway! Whether or not you attend the live event, as a registrant you will receive a link to view the archived version.

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AIGA Los Angeles and You

As a member of the Los Angeles chapter of AIGA, you are part of the ongoing story of the design profession and our West Coast’s creative community.

Founded in 1983, Founded in 1983 by design legends Deborah Sussman, Saul Bass, Jim Cross, and others, the Los Angeles chapter continues to connect LA’s varied creative industries through extensive programming, events, communication and social outreach. AIGA/LA is recognized as a civic leader for its celebration of local design, partnerships with cultural and media organizations, exceptional support of educational institutions, and a dedication to nurturing the diversity and independent spirit unique to the Los Angeles creative community. Our 1,100 members are designers, students, educators, and related professionals and businesses that represent the range of design: including graphics, interaction, experience, motion, photography, entertainment, PR and affiliated fields.

On August 1, AIGA announced a brand new membership fee structure designed to allow many more designers to become AIGA Members. The following from AIGA Executive Director Ric Grefé was originally posted on Aiga.org. “As a global community of advocates for design, AIGA is committed to the personal and professional impact of members on design, business, culture and society… Now is the time to belong.”

We appreciate the continued engagement of all our AIGA Los Angeles members, and extend a warm welcome to all our new members! 

Take care,

To our AIGA Los Angeles Design Community

Recently, AIGA announced exciting news about One AIGA and enhancements in our membership structure. We believe the changes will help to greatly expand our community and be more inclusive. The new membership model gives every designer an affordable chance to belong.

You can choose the membership category that best matches your commitment to the profession and the value of the organization in your career and future. Details of the changes can be found on the AIGA National website announcement.

With these new membership changes introduced, we understand that there will be questions about the new membership model. AIGA National has prepared answers to a couple of the expected FAQs here: http://aigalosangeles.org/membership. Please feel free to email us at membership@aigalosangeles.org with any additional questions you may have about the membership model. We will do our best to assist you through this transition.

We believe in the vision of One AIGA. Anyone can now join at affordable rates. We’re looking forward to your continued support of the local AIGA Los Angeles design community.

Your Membership Co-Chairs,

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The expectations of designers have broadened in recent decades, as have the range of design disciplines and practices. AIGA is committed to representing and supporting the interests of designers as they explore new roles. At the same time, social media and the internet have increased expectations for access to communities and information.

AIGA has always adapted to the interests of the profession, and is now shifting to a model that makes membership more accessible, increasing participation while providing opportunities for those who value AIGA’s role in the advancement of design to make a stronger financial contribution. A larger and more diverse membership makes AIGA’s collective voice stronger and more compelling.

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Axiom’s John Luu Shares 8 Tips for Keeping Your 1st Design Job

With many design graduates starting their first jobs this summer, it dawned on me recently that many design programs don’t teach students a lot of the soft skills that are more or less required for holding down a real-world job. Having your first bona fide design job at a well respected firm or agency can be both an exhilirating and stressful experience. With that said, setbacks early in your career can be very discouraging and cause many young designers to settle for careers outside of the design profession.

I thought it might be a good opportunity then to share some tips on how to keep your first design job that many had to learn the hard way.

  Arrive Early, Stay Late
Work-life balance is a valid concern for many people in the workforce, but for your first 6-12 months as the newbie in the design shop, I would recommend coming in a little bit early and staying a little bit late to get a feel for the ebb and flow of studio life. Main benefits of this are that if you’re at your desk at the start of business hours every day, everyone notices. Also, the quiet time gives you an opportunity to catch up on unread emails, plan your day without interruptions and read up on contemporary design trends and production techniques.

  Win Creative Pitches
If you’re working in a design firm or ad agency, chances are, for important projects, multiple designers are developing separate creative solutions and comps. These are then chosen by the creative director or the client. One of your primary goals as a designer would be to make a concerted effort to make sure your design solution is the one that is picked by the client and produced by the firm. These projects, over time, are the ones that define the body of work a firm produces and you want to make sure that your creative ideas are the ones that get propagated.

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It’s Not “Just Friends”. It’s Membership With Benefits.

As an AIGA member, your dues support the National organization in New York, while also providing resources for the local Los Angeles chapter. Those resources are used to leverage private and corporate sponsorships for events, programs and scholarships. For questions regarding AIGA Membership or Benefits, please contact Tamera at tlawrence@aigalosangeles.org. Membership in AIGA has its benefits—including discounts on services and products, exclusive access to new job opportunities and more! Join today to contribute to the influence of design, further your professional development and connect with a welcoming community of peers. 

Some of the benefits you’ll receive when you join AIGA:

Benefits from our Official Sponsors

Adobe 65pxAdobe Systems, Official AIGA Sponsor for Design Solutions, offers special rates for all products in the Adobe store.

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July AIGA LA Event Programming Meeting- Are you Coming?

July 2, 2012

7 - 9pm

Oishii Creative
717 N. Highland Ave., Suite 18
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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Interested in finding out all about the upcoming event programming for the second half of 2012? Would you like to learn how you can be a volunteer at an event? Then come to the AIGA LA Event Programming Committee Meeting held on Monday, July 2nd in Hollywood.

We will be reviewing all the awesome events planned for the next half of the year and all the great opportunities that surround them. Now is the time to get the teams together and make the events happen. So stop on by, and learn about all the great new ways to get involved in AIGA LA Event Programming!

For questions, please contact Brittney Backos at bbackos@aigalosangeles.org. Questions and directions, email René Quintanilla at rdquintanilla85@gmail.com. Parking is available on Highland Ave. after 7 pm.To be buzzed in, push #18 on the dial pad. As, always, feel free to invite any friends you think might like to volunteer. Door’s always open.


  • Mix and Mingle - 7:00 pm
  • Meeting Begins - 7:30 pm
  • Wrap Up - 9:00 pm

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Summer Skool Presents: Working in UX & Agile Web Design

Working in UX & Agile Web Design

A hands on “Iron Chef Style” workshop!

Saturday, June 30th
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
In Culver City

This one day workshop will introduce attendees to User Experience design and the Standard Process for successful web and app projects.

Regular Price: $149  $119

Eventbrite - Summer Skool: Working in UX & Agile Web Design

This workshop will cover:

  1.   What in the heck is User Experience?
  2.   Therealsecretto being a User Experience focused designer (Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Illustrator, Director, Developer, etc.)
  3.   How we’ve used User Experience principals to direct a film, build a startup and design a brand identity.
  4.   How easy it is to learn and use on a day-to-day basis.
  5.   Introduce you to the basics of using Agile. (It’s like execution Kung Fu. Neo would say; “Woh, I know Agile..” )

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Check out the Pics from AIGA LA’s Fellows 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate design royalty with us last night at the Royal/T for AIGA Los Angeles Fellow Award & Visionary Award 2012. We had a great time! Check out our some more event pics on Flickr.

For those of you that enjoyed the venue, the Royal/T Café is having a “Greatest Hits Party” later this month to celebrate five years of hosting creative events and art before they move locations. Walkthroughs and talks will be conducted, as well as a party to celebrate memorable exhibitions and performances. RSVP’s are required and can be made through Royal/T.

Don’t Miss California’s Designing Women, 1896–1986 at The Autry

10 AUG – 06 JAN 2013

California’s Designing Women, 1896–1986

9am - 5pm

The Autry
4700 Western Heritage Way 
Los Angeles, CA 90027 
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The newness of California, and the state’s periodic bursts of population growth, afforded unprecedented opportunities for women to participate in the creation and production of design, one of the principal engines of California’s dynamic economy, now the sixth largest in the world. As California’s extraordinary role in American design is receiving the recognition it has long deserved, California’s Designing Women, 1896–1986 acknowledges the work of more than fifty of the women who, as designers and entrepreneurs, helped make that distinction possible.

Women have long been recognized as practitioners of the decorative arts, but commercial design and fine craft, which are the focus of California’s Designing Women, 1896–1986, were long considered the province of men. This unprecedented exhibition honors female designers who made major contributions to Californian and American design by incorporating into their work the newest styles, materials, and technologies of their time—often influenced by California’s unique confluence of cultures, among them Indigenous American, Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican. Many of its approximately 240 examples of textiles, ceramics, furniture, lighting, tapestries, jewelry, clothing, and graphics are being exhibited for the first time.

These functional and decorative objects, which span almost a century of design movements—from Arts and Crafts to Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern and beyond—exemplify California’s national and international reputation for unrestrained creativity. The exhibition opens with hand-cut, wood-block printed posters and closes with one of the first computer-aided graphics. In between these technological poles are works created from a gamut of materials, including wood, abalone, glass, cotton, steel, silver, acetate, acrylic, and fiberglass, materials of American daily life forged in California’s vast, welcoming workshop.

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3x3*: Eccentric Types

28 JUN 2012

7:30 - 9pm

Art Center College of Design -Hillside Campus, Los Angeles Times Media Center (LAT)
1700 Lida Street
Pasadena, CA 91103 
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Event Description 
* Each term the Graphic Design Department Art Center hosts 3 local professionals to speak on a particular topic.

Our three featured speakers are:

  • Andrew Byrom, Graphic Designer, Typeface Designer and Professor
  • Gloria Kondrup, Archetype Press Director and Professor
  • Heather van Haaften, Creative Director

Free to attend.

Free parking in the Student Parking Lot.

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